Cryotherapy and Sport

Cryotherapy is recognized by the professional of sport as being very effective for competition preparation and recovery afterphysical effforts. Enjoy the benefits on muscles, tendons and ligaments in a medical center in the heart of Brussels.

Indications of cold therapy for sportmen

The Whole Body Cryotherapy for sportmenThe Whole Body Cryotherapy (EEC) is widely practiced in nordic coutries for the number of benefits:

  • Preparation of professional sportmen to the competitions and recuperation after physical efforts;
  • Reduced muscle, articulation and tendon pains through the improving of blood circulation;
  • Treatment of injuries: wounds, fractures, sprains, edema due on increased of hormonal flow giving the anti-inflammatory and healing effect;
  • Recovery after intense physical activity, eliminating fatigue and muscle pain;
  • General improvement state of the injured athlete in recovery after competition.

Comparison with other sportmens' recovery methods

The thermal shock due on cabin, designed to this effect, contributes to the healing and the treatment of pain.  The EEC provides faster results than the immersion method in the bath with ice water. The cryotherapy chambers propose a gradual exposure to cold via the passage of three successive spaces,that provokes a loss of tempreture and, as a conclusion, an efficiency of treatment. To get faster extreme temperature is the best way to get long-term effects.

For all that reasons, the practice of cryotherapy in cabin grows in our regions.

Modalities for Cryotherapy Whole Body sessions in Brussels

CryoZen provides KRION cabins, developed by researchers from the University of Cold and Biotechnology St. Petersburg (Russia).

You practice an individual athletic disciplines: sprint, jump,  distance race, marathon, triathlon, decathlon, ...? You play a team sport (football, basketball, hockey, rugby ...)? Improve your performance by providing one or more EEC sessions before competition. CryoZen proposes special rates for teams. So don't hesitate to contact us for more information !