Center of Whole Body Cryotherapy in Brussels

Cryotherapy is practiced successfully in therapy, sports recovery or refinement of the silhouette. CryoZen allows you to enjoy the benefits of this technique medicalized in the heart of Brussels.

What is Whole Body Cryotherapy ?

Center of Whole Body CryotherapyThe Whole Body Cryotherapy (EEC) is a medical technique that involves exposing the whole body to the extreme cold, - 140 ° C - 180 ° C. This immersion is very short, 2 to 3 minutes maximum.

This has the effect of promoting certain hormonal and biochemical effects in the human body as a powerful natural analgetic. The controlled reflexes, result of extreme cold has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and extremelly benefic to the human body.

The virtues of cold and applications

Application of cold to the problem's articulation is a well known for its effectiveness reflex. Regular sports and professionals know, often using locally cold spray on inflamed tissue, tendons, ligaments or muscles. Extreme cold, relieve inflammation and helps healîng.

Cryotherapy is based on the diffusion of cold over a longer period than just spraying, in a long-term effect.

The therapeutic indications are :

  • Treatment of neurological diseases, dermatological diseases, trauma: rheumatic inflammatory and non-inflammatory  diseases, psoriasis, neurodermitis, multiple sclerosis;
  • Recovery after sports performance, preparation for competition;
  • Psychiatric symptoms: sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, migraines, chronic fatigue, burn-out;
  • Treatment of cellulite, anti-aging, Weight problems, relax and wellbeign.

Secure of cryotherapy cabins

CryoZen made the choice for vertical Cryotherapy cabins, where the patient stands, without exposing his head to nitrogen vaporisation. Cryotherapy rooms expose the respiratory tract and the brain of patients at risk of developing seriouse health complications after session. Our KRION cabins were designed and developed by researchers from the University of Cold and Biotechnology St. Petersburg (Russia), the fondators of this technology and have the best protection of patient, tested ans recognized by professionals.

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