Cryotherapy as a medical treatment

CryoZen offers the possibility to cure number of diseases by brief exposure of the body to extreme cold. The medical cryotherapy applied by us in Brussels is recognized for its health benefits by the medicals and scientifics as well as by sporting world.

Indications of the medical Cryotherapy

Medical treatment of diseases by CryotherapyThe Whole Body Cryotherapy (EEC) is successfully applied in the treatment of the numbers of diseases, included:

  • Neurology: inflammatory rheumatic diseases (plyarthritis) and non-inflammatory (arthritis), muscle pain, spasticity, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis;
  • Dermatology: psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema;
  • Trauma: postoperative recovery and helps the healing of fractures and injuries;
  • Psychiatry: sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, burnout, chronic fatigue, migraines.

The Whole Body Cryotherapy (EEC) reduces medication by it's positif effects on human body

The cryotherapy sessions are practiced on base of medical prescription or by the patient's initiative. This gentle medicalized technique corresponds to a desire to boost of human natural healing ability. Allopathic treatment adjusted accordingly decreases the risk of side effects.

The extreme cold therapy applied in the medical center

The Cryotherapy is adapted as well as for children from 145 cm as well as for seniors. Cabins equiped by adjustable lift for people with moving difficulties and  the face is not exposed to nitrogen vaporisation.

The number of sessions is determined by pathology. A frequency of 2 sessions per week is recommended for constant medical effect. Therapy is extended for a period of 8 to 10 weeks. To save a long term's effect the number of sessions can be thereafted at 2 times a month.

The Contraindications are: high blood pressure, recent AVC or heart attack, phlebitis, venous thrombosis and circulatory problems, pacemaker or implantation pin, pregnancy, allergy to cold.

Would you like to complete your treatment by cryotherapy sessions ?

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